mimi snow
Jon Paul Burkhart.


• 11 years broadcast level AVID expertise (Xpress, Media Composer, Symphony & Symphony Nitris)

• Color Correction well versed in scopes, monitors, color matching, conforming to network delivery specs

• Proficiency with Photoshop, AVID Marquee, Motion Picture, DVE, compositing

• DVD Design & Duplication as well as compression for web and streaming formats

• Music and sound design (Use of multi-track hardware and software, Protools)


I’m a professional film and television editor.   To me, it is more than a job, it is a passion.  As an editor,  I get to experience the magic of creating entertainment without the headaches of production. The story doesn’t truly come to life until the puzzle is put together and this is what I do... I make tv pretty.

This website is an interactive resume. You’ll see links to some of my work, as well as to scenes from shows, promos and films that I’ve cut.  If you’d like to contact me, send me an email.



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“Mimi Snow is a truly talented and highly skilled Editor in many editorial formats.
On our motion picture THE PRODIGY, Mimi showed her expertise with AVID software.
She follows and understands instructions quickly, works efficiently and fast, and delivers
results that are better than expected. Her work ethic is excellent because she truly loves
her craft, and she worked long and extra hours for us during crunch time. She even
volunteered and worked 'round the clock when it was delivery time for our motion picture,
without any reservations. She is pleasant, cordial, and works well under pressure, especially
when outside investors and producers are overseeing, scrutinizing, and requesting definitive
results. I highly recommend Mimi Snow for any editorial project.” April 7, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time
Robert D Hanna hired Mimi as a Writer/Editor in 2007, and hired Mimi more than once
“To Whom It May Concern: Occasionally I have to write letters of reccomendation for people I have formerly worked with -- or they have worked for me.
To write such a letter for Mimi Snow is not an obligatory management chore -- it's truly a pleasure. She is a ten plus on a ten scale with her talent,
creativity, humor and patience. Simply put (and to get to the bottom line) -- "If you are thinking about hiring Mimi -- I suggest you do so immediately.
Mimi is one creative and talented Shooter and Editor!! She will be a welcomed professional addition to your office and your production."
Regards, Frank Hagan” April 7, 2010
Frank J. Hagan, Programming Director and General Manager, QTN - The Q Television Network managed Mimi
“Mimi's work at Q Television was exemplary. Under often chaotic circumstances, she always performed with a calm attitude and clear dedication.
Hers was one of the more difficult positions at the station and she always managed to make it look so easy to the layman. I would be very happy to
work with Mimi again in the future and would hire her in a heartbeat for her expertise.” April 7, 2010
Christopher Ruggles, Traffic Director, Q Television Network worked with Mimi
“Mimi is an extremely creative and talented editor. Her keen sense of pacing, combined with her wonderful sense of humor, make her an editor that
I would one day love to work with again!” April 11, 2010
Beth Polsky, Producer, QTV worked directly with Mimi
“Mimi's a talented editor. She's got a good attitude, easy to work with and meets deadlines. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her.” April 7, 2010
Rob Naples, Segment Producer, Brunch, Q Television Network managed Mimi
“I have known Mimi for almost 14 years. She is a natural talent and an amazing editor. She also works well with talent and knows how to get the job
done, get it done right, and come in on time and on or under budget. Because of all this, and a great personality, I would hire her a second.”
April 7, 2010
Gina Marie (Gandy) Alioto, Student, Southern Methodist University worked with Mimi
“Mimi Snow is must-have for any production company. She is bright, creative, and an incredibly nimble editor. She is truly a team player and will not
rest until the project is perfect, even if she has been given less than ideal footage to work with. She glides easily between film and television and
delivers quality for either format. In short, if you can only hire one person today- it should be Mimi Snow.” May 4, 2010
Angela Johnson, Associate Producer, Q Television Network worked with Mimi
“Mimi is a terrific editor. She is fast, creative and innovative. She listens, takes direction and gives great direction and ideas.” May 21, 2010
Jane M. Hepburn , Director Videographer Producer Writer , Hepburn Media  managed Mimi at Q Television Network
“Mimi Snow is an EXCELLENT editor who made my job as host and producer of my own show(s) incredibly easy and rewarding. She works fast
and fearlessly and gets the job done on time. Her ability to juggle multiple tasks and personalities make Mimi Snow an unparalleled asset to any
production team.” April 11, 2013
Chrisanne Eastwood actor, writer, host, journalist, performer, educator  worked with Mimi at Self Employed Freelance Work